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The annual Christmas dinner for the Swedish PC PAL office


[2018-11-30] In line with Swedish traditions the PC PAL office in Sweden hosted their annual Christmas dinner (julbord as we say in Swedish) on November 29. The location choosen for this year's PC PAL Julbord was Restaurant Ulla Winbladh at Djurgården, Stockholm where a multitude of traditional Swedish Christmas food was served.

PC PAL participates in FHIR DevDays Amsterdam


[2018-11-14] FHIR is the new interoperability standard for healthcare and provides new opportunities for partnership with the larger vendors of EHRs. All of them are now committed to the FHIR standard and it opens up magnificient opportunities for specialist vendors like PC PAL to integrate highly advanced decision support modules into these standard EHRs. "We decided to participate in the FHIR DevDays this year as FHIR is a central part of our strategy for closer integration into the large international EHRs such as Epic, Cerner and InterSystems." says Managing Director Jani Söderhäll. "With FHIR we're entirely in charge of access to data (reading and writing) and that further tightens the integration."

First French MeetUp on FHIR


[2018-11-27] Amazon, Google, Microsoft and IBM have announced that they are working together to communicate health care data using the FHIR protocol established by the HL7 organization. French companies are now getting together for the first MeetUp on FHIR in Paris to be held Dec 4. PC PAL will be there as it is the core of our future interoperability strategy. FHIR allows easier integration of our specialist modules into EHRs but it also allows us to read and write data as needed for data exchange.

PC PAL identified as an innovative company


[2018-04-25] PC PAL was identified as an innovative company of the Paris-Saclay region and will participate in their first annual encounter between research, scientific and economical development. It'll be an opportunity to share experiences with other tech companies in our area and maybe do a bit of promotion for our upcoming new positions.

Vitalis and MIE 2018


[2018-04-24] Vitalis – the largest eHealth conference in the Nordics. This year MIE (Medical Informatics Europe) joined forces with Vitalis for an even larger event. Some excellent presentations, plenty of business contacts (old and new) so overall very valuable days for PC PAL. With the opening of the interfaces of the major EHR systems, PC PALs component and module structure is just right. Exciting times lie ahead!

First time for us at Nutrition & Growth

N&G in Paris

[2018-02-02] We'll be exhibiting at Nutrition & Growth for the first time this year. Whereas we often exhibit as pediatric endocrine meetings, N&G will allow us to showcase our growth monitoring solutions to a group that may be less familiar with our world class growth chart software. We're looking forward to the feedback we can get from this very international group.

Stop by and talk to us in Nantes


[2018-01-05] Meet us at the 9:th French congress on Human genetic sicience in Nantes January 24-26. Stop by and talk to us about your pedigree needs. Ask us how we can help you integrate our engine into your working environment. Or, just grab a trial license and run it on your own PC. PedigreeXP is now available in multiple versions: standalone, for work groups or as a component integrated into another system. We might even give you a sneak peak at our full web version!

Season's greetings – Happy New Year!

Season's Greetings

[2017-12-15] The PC PAL team wishes you a peaceful and delightful end of the year celebration and we look forward to our continued collaboration on your exciting projects!

Interactive classes online with our product experts

Medical systems

[2017-10-05] Optimize the collection of your patients' data and master the design of your family trees with PedigreeXP. Attend one of our interactive classes online with our product experts. Ask your questions live, we adapt our training live.

See you at Rare in Paris in November

Medical systems

[2017-10-05] We will have the pleasure of seeing you at the next meeting about rare diseases November 20-21 in Paris. It will be a great opportunity to update you on the latest evolution of our growth monitoring and pedigree management solutions.

We hope to see you at the next ESHG congress

Medical systems

[2017-03-06] I am pleased to announce our presence at the next ESHG congress, which will take place from 27 to 30 May. We hope many of you at our stand to introduce you to our newest innovations in genealogical tree design and growth monitoring. This is also an opportunity for you to go back with a full trial version of our software. See you in Copenhagen!

GrowthXP Endo is a great success in Europe

Medical systems

[2017-02-27] GrowthXP Endo, our monitoring solution for children following growth hormone therapy, is a great success. Available in SaaS and On Premise since January, it has already conquered many hospitals in Denmark, England, Finland, France, Ireland, Sweden and also Switzerland. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Also download our Brochure (pdf).

We are expanding your medical information systems

Medical systems

[2017-02-27] With our growth tracking software and our extensive repository of publications we are expanding your medical information systems. We bring them a new scientific dimension that increases the quality of patient follow-up and the adoption of systems by its users. Our software is available as components and ready to be connected to your system. To know more (pdf).

PedigreeXP software is available in full evaluation for a period of three months

Medical systems

[2017-02-25] I would like to take this opportunity at the beginning of the year to remind those who need to quickly draw beautiful family trees as part of their counseling or research activity that our PedigreeXP software is available in full evaluation for a period of three months, you just need to use the following link to get it: www.pedigreexp.com/free-trial. Good weekend to all, Laurent.

Fundacion Cardio Infantil has chosen PC PAL expertise

Medical systems

[2017-02-25] Dr. Paola Duran Ventura from Fundacion Cardio Infantil in Bogota, Colombia, has chosen PC PAL expertise to compare the growth monitoring data of Colombian children with the WHO reference data. This comparative work, the curves and tables obtained, highlight the relevance of the use of national curves for Colombian children and should make it possible to promote them across the country.

Automate the drawing of family trees

Medical systems

[2017-02-25] And what if you bring a new life to your genetic databases, automating the drawing of family trees. Some of our clients such as the Institut Curie have already chosen this approach to give a new dimension to their genetic data. By connecting the Intelligent Graphics Engine of PedigreeXP to your data, your geneticists instantly get an overview of families and are able to make accurate diagnoses.

Want to know more about PedigreeXP integration capabilities, contact us directly on sales@pedigreexp.com

APHP has chosen to generalize the GrowthXP Pro Viewer software in its electronic patient record.

Medical systems

[2017-02-25] We are proud to announce that APHP (Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris) has chosen to generalize the GrowthXP Pro Viewer software in its electronic patient record. This project aims to provide a system for monitoring the growth of children up to adulthood for all pediatricians in its different centers.

Want to know more GrowthXP integration capabilities, contact us directly on sales@growthxp.com.

GrowthXP Endo is a new solution for endocrinologists


[2017-02-24] We are pleased to announce that our growth monitoring product line is enriched with a new solution for endocrinologists: GrowthXP Endo. Directly designed in collaboration with specialists, endocrinologists, pediatricians and major pharmaceutical companies, GrowthXP Endo capitalizes a long experience in Europe and the United States in monitoring children with growth disorders. Over 100,000 children are being followed up with GrowthXP ENDO.

Want to know more or see a demonstration of this new software, contact us directly on sales@growthxp.com.

Incorporate quality trees into your publications and medical records


[2017-02-20] A pencil and a sheet, are certainly a good solution to draw your family trees, in any case it is fast and practical. But how do you do as soon as they are complex to grasp and maintain, that it becomes critical to record medical and social information for your interpretations, that you need to incorporate quality trees into your publications and medical records?

How about trying PedigreeXP, it's free for 3 months!


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