High-quality software solutions for
integration into medical records

PC PAL is an international leading software company specialized in Growth Charts, Patient Registries and Pedigree drawing tools established in 1991.

Our strength relies on these fundamental principles:

  • All our software are available as modules for integration into medical records
  • The use of a tried and proven well-structured application framework allowing both reuse and customization
  • The partnership we establish with our customers so we match the exact needs of our clients, based on true experience in the fields.

Products developed by PC PAL are used in more than 40 countries by more than 100,000 of users.

Our registration as a CE marked Class I software-only medical device company is a proof of our commitment to delivering high-quality products.





Your intuitive pedigree charting software.
Available for integration into medical records.



Your tool to monitor growth from infancy to adulthood. Available for integration into medical records.


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Patient registries

Customized solutions and specialized tools for rare diseases. Based upon true experience in the field.

Patient Registries