Returning to the US pediatric congress events (PAS and PES) has been a revelation for PC PAL and also for pediatric specialists. At our booth, the growth charting application, GrowthXP, familiar to many throughout Europe, attracted many plaudits from US clinicians. The overall impression of the product is summed up by one delegate who believes that GrowthXP is ‘light years ahead’; and another who commented that she had ‘never seen that before’. Of particular relevance to US delegates is the compatibility of GrowthXP with the patient record systems supplied by Epic and Oracle Cerner, two of the main US providers. Such interoperability, the direction of travel in health record optimisation, means that hospitals can have access to the many advantages offered by GrowthXP soon after licensing the product.

Growth specialists were astounded by the comprehensive range of growth charts available for children with rare disorders. GrowthXP charts many parameters for children with one of over 50 disorders, including achondroplasia, and Down, Noonan and Prader-Willi syndromes. PC PAL’s CEO, Jani Söderhäll notes: ‘the availability of a specific treatment for a rare disorder, most recently achondroplasia, has sparked an urgent interest in the relevant disease-specific chart’.