PC PAL hitting the right notes at the spring paediatric congresses in North America

Once again, the presentation of the PC PAL child growth and development charting application, GrowthXP, generated strong interest at the major pediatric congresses held in Toronto and Chicago this spring – PAS and PES. Clinicians are becoming familiar with GrowthXP, but there were still welcome surprises to be discovered at the PC PAL booth. In Chicago we even attracted the interest of two famous blues brothers!

There is a variety of patient record systems on offer to medical institutions. For paediatricians whose institutions are planning to change, the availability of rare disease charts is a major driver according to discussions with our on-site specialists: ‘doctors don’t have access to rare disease charts in the EHR [Electronic Health Record] so children with such syndromes are not handled correctly’.

With a comprehensive range of charts for over 50 rare disorders, GrowthXP is a highly attractive application, which has been successfully integrated with many different patient record systems.

Other features of GrowthXP which attracted praise are the growth velocity charts (including the ability to base the calculation on measurements made by a trained auxologist), BMI charts based on current guidelines, and the ability to anonymise charts for use in presentations and discussions with colleagues.