BSPED 2023 Manchester (7 – 10 November)

We were delighted to return to the BSPED, celebrating its 50th year in Manchester. It was particularly helpful to follow up discussions we’ve held since last year’s meeting in Belfast; working with clinicians to progress the introduction of GrowthXP in their hospitals and also in personal practices.

The UK is characterised by a wide diversity of patient record systems. Hospitals are licensing-in proprietary systems, but in a number of cases developing their own. Most, but not all systems, include some level of growth charting.

In Manchester, it became clear that paediatric endocrinologists require enhanced capability. Additional features include greater functionality, for example, automatically showing growth velocity, target height range, bone age and additional growth charts, particularly for children with specific disorders.

Last year PC PAL launched the Rare Diseases module, which allows clinicians to select the chart of their choice covering over 50 conditions. Charts for Turner syndrome, Downs and achondroplasia in particular have been welcomed.

Clinicians and nurses visiting the PC PAL booth were happy to hear that we have experience of integrating GrowthXP with a wide range of patient record systems. This means that GrowthXP reads data from the existing patient record, so that double data entry is not required. Any existing growth chart application provided with the patient record can continue to be used if colleagues elsewhere in the institution wish to do so.