Many hospital clinicians report lengthy delays in the implementation of IT improvements connected to the electronic health record system (EHR). This can be caused by lack of time, limited IT resources, or complex processes. Software engineers at PC PAL are ready to move fast.

This month, in a German centre using the CGM Medico patient management system, our leading child growth monitoring application, GrowthXP, was deployed in just one hour. Marius Popescu, Technical Director at PC PAL commented: ‘We are keen to provide our applications to clinicians as soon as possible after the project go-ahead. The nearby university hospital, with assistance from PC PAL, was able to facilitate integration, so speeding up the entire process. On this occasion, the new client’s institution was highly cooperative: their manager for integration promptly configured the prepared module and network paths so that we were able to deploy GrowthXP in just one hour. ‘