Andrea Merker User testimonial on GrowthXP

“The exhaustive choice in reference growth charts is my favourite feature”.

A long-time user of GrowthXP, Andrea Merker is currently PhD student at the Department of Women’s and Children’s Health, Karolinska Institutet and her research focuses on auxology. More specifically, one of her projects focuses on constructing syndrome-specific growth curves for achondroplasia. She has also been working with the construction of reference growth charts for Colombia

Why GrowthXP?
“I use GrowthXP to illustrate various growth patterns that our group then uses in presentations or as base for discussions. As GrowthXP includes various references (local, WHO, CDC but also syndrome-specific), it is easy to get an individual’s growth chart in different layouts. Also conversion to z-score, especially for weight, BMI and sitting height, is convenient.”

The product benefits of GrowthXP
“I can switch background matrix easily; i.e. visualize an individual’s growth pattern using different references and layouts. The quality of the charts is very good, both on the screen and as print out.”

We’d like to thank Andrea Merker for answering our questions and wish her many other successful projects with GrowthXP and beyond.