GrowthXP on show at BSPED 2021: responding to clinician needs for regular updates

PC PAL presented the leading growth chart application, GrowthXP at this year’s of the British Society for Endocrinology and Diabetes (BSPED), 24-26 November: Enhanced growth charting – a 5-minute update []

Crucial to the success of this application has been its ongoing updates in line with the long-term commitment of PC PAL to providing the best possible electronic chart. Company founder, Jani Söderhäll explains in the presentation video: ‘we are dedicated to the application’s continual refinement in response to changing clinician needs, new standards and the latest scientific publications. Beyond this, we include further digital features paediatricians find useful, while keeping an easy-to-use user-interface. Updates and new releases of the software are regularly made available, and with a centralized cloud hosted solution these updates can be brought out even faster.’

The many features of the growth chart application use the data held in the patient’s electronic health record: clinicians and nurses do not need to enter any patient data in order to use GrowthXP. The inclusion of many syndrome-specific charts (e.g. Turner, Down, Achondroplasia) means that clinics are less likely to need to run dual paper/electronic systems.