Enhanced charting tools for gynaecology and obstetrics presented at the FIGO congress

PC PAL was delighted to support the 24th FIGO World Congress of Gynaecology and obstetrics, held in our home city, Paris, this month.

For the first time at this congress, we presented GrowthXP Prenatal, our innovative software which integrates with the patient record and allows specialists to leverage ultrasound data and better visualise fetal and maternal data. The general consensus of delegates was that GrowthXP Prenatal contains the curves they need, exceeding those available in their ultrasound machines. The inclusion of risk calculators for obstetric complications was also appreciated.

PC PAL shared two other important developments at FIGO: GrowthXP Neo and our digital partogram. With GrowthXP Neo specialists can monitor neonates born at different gestational ages and also visualise bilirubin based on updated guidelines. The GrowthXP Partogram is designed to track the total birth process and integrate with routine maternity clinic practice.

Our colleagues greatly appreciated the discussion of these GrowthXP applications with specialists and we look forward to them applying these tools in their clinical practice.